8 Fun Quizzes for Couples to Take on Date Night Together

Have you ever wondered if you know everything there is to know about your sweetheart? I find that even in long term relationships, couples have plenty to discover and even re-learn about one another. Do you agree? Then I’ve got some quizzes for you.

Get your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other, partner, or sweetheart, and settle in to take these quizzes together. I promise that they’ll spark some good conversation – and I bet you’ll know more about each other by the end of taking them!

What do you have that makes everyone secretly jealous?

What Do People Envy About You? – When it comes to other people, the grass is always greener – even with your own partner. It may be easy to envy things about your own partner, but what does your partner envy about you? Take this quiz to learn what you have that others wish they had, and swap results with your sweetheart.

Are you a total nerd? Only Blogthings will tell you the truth!

How Nerdy Are You? – If you found your way to this blog post, then you probably consider yourself a little nerdy – or at least comfortable around nerdy company. Would you say the same of your significant other? Take this quiz together to see how nerdy you each are… and who is the bigger nerd!

Is it time for you to say "I do"? Or should you be running away from the alter?

Are You Ready for Marriage? – It’s all good fun until the M word is brought up! Are you looking to dive a little deeper with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Take this quiz to see if either or both of you are ready for marriage! This is even a great quiz for married couples to take together – although I guess it’s too late now ๐Ÿ˜‰

What's your idea of luxury? Take this quick image quiz to find out!

The Luxury Test – Most relationship experts agree that couples should discuss money early and often, but that’s so daunting. Instead, let’s dip our toe in with a little fun quiz that’s all about money dreams. Do you and your partner have the same ideas about luxury? Take this quiz to find out!

What do others treasure about you? Take this fun quiz to find your most lovable quality.

What Do People Love You For? – If you’re taking these quizzes with someone special, hopefully they love you… or will soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Take this quiz together to see what people love about each of you, and see if you agree. Definitely a good quiz for sparking conversation!

What will your future be like?

What Do You Envision For Your Future? – Do you and your partner have the same hopes and dreams for the future? While two people don’t have to have identical future plans, they’re hopefully pretty compatible! Take this quiz together and discuss what you see in your future.

What is your love like?

What Kind of Love Are You In? – Have you ever wondered if you and your partner love each other the same way? If so, this is the perfect quiz for you both. This quiz will let you know what your love style is, and then simply compare results to see if your partner is similar or different. There are many ways to love, so there’s no wrong answer for this one!

Where do you really showcase your smarts? Take this fun personality quiz to find out!

What Kind of Smart Are You? – Do you and your sweetie think of one another as smart? I hope so! I don’t think anyone wants to be stuck with a dull partner ๐Ÿ™‚ If you agree, then take this quiz with your sweetheart. You’ll learn how each of you is smart, and then you can give your own take too.

What do you think?

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