The 10 Best Quizzes About Life

How has life been treating you lately? In general, I find this to be a difficult question to answer objectively. Whenever I ask friends how things are going, I tend to find their answers are based more on how they frame life more than actual life circumstances. Interesting, right? I think to truly and honestly evaluate our lives, we sometimes need an outside source. And this is where quizzes can come in.

To see really how your life is going, I’ve hand selected ten quizzes that will give you a truthful assessment of where you stand. Some of the results may surprise you, but isn’t that what a good personality quiz is all about. To get started on your life check in, take the quizzes below:

What Color is Your Life’s Path? – Sometimes it’s easier to see the path others are on than to see where our own life path is going. This quiz will tell you your life path’s color and also what it means for you. This is the perfect quiz to see where you are… and where you’re going!

How Satisfying Is Your Life? – If you ask people if they are satisfied with life, they often give surprising and puzzling answers. Figuring out life satisfaction is a tough business, and it’s hard to be honest with ourselves on this one. This quiz can help you figure out if you are living a satisfying life – and if not, it will help you learn what to do about it.

What Is The Meaning of Your Life? – Do you know the meaning of your life? It’s okay if you don’t – so few of us do. And of course, the meaning of your life can change over time. If you feel a little lost, this quiz will help you discover what’s bringing your life meaning.

What Is Your Life Path Number? – Did you know you have a life path number based on the numerology of your birth date? It’s interesting stuff! Simple fill out your birthday info (it’s totally private and not stored anywhere), and you’ll get your personalized life path report.

Is your life totally awesome or totally sucky? Take this quiz to find out!

How Awesome Is Your Life? – Do you feel like your life is awesome? It’s okay if you don’t. I think we all feel like our lives are awesome sometimes… and not so awesome other times. It’s hard to know where the truth really lies, but that’s where this quiz comes in. Take it to find out if your life is awesome enough, and if not, how to change it.

Do you live a better life than most people? Find out how your life compares with the rest of the world.

How Does Your Life Compare? – Do you ever compare your life to other people’s lives? I think it’s inevitable for all of us. It’s hard to compare our lives in this era of social media – everyone’s life looks picture perfect from afar! Take this quiz to see how your life truly compares.

What best describes your life journey?

How Do You Travel Through Life? – We each have our own path in life, and we each travel our paths in our own way. Take this quiz to learn what kind of a life traveler you are. I think you’ll find the results quite illuminating!

How Perfect is Your Life? – Is there such a thing as the perfect life? This quiz sure thinks so! Take it to find out how close to perfect your life is. You may be surprised to learn your result.

Are You Living The Wrong Life? – Do you ever feel like you’re living your life completely wrong? I think we all feel that way at our worst moments, but for a select few of us it’s actually true. This quiz will give you an honest assessment. Is your life right for you? Get a truthful answer.

What’s Your Life’s Mission? – No matter how well or how badly your life is going today, remembering your mission can put a spring in your step. Not sure what your mission is? No problem! This quiz will help you discover what your life’s mission is.

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