5 Cocktail Quizzes for Celebrating National Cocktail Day in Style

Cheers! Did you know that today is National Cocktail Day? I am more of a wine drinker than anything else, but I do enjoy a nice cocktail every now and then – especially if it is made with wine 🙂 What about you? Do you like cocktails? Or maybe even mocktails? If so, then this is the day for you!

So pour yourself a nice drink, kick back, and enjoy some cocktail quizzes with me. Whether you’re truly imbibing or just in the spirit of imbibing, these quizzes are perfect for relaxing with.

What Holiday Cocktail Are You? – I find that most drinkers who don’t regularly drink cocktails still make drink a bit during the holidays. There’s something so cozy about a holiday party or family gathering and some good cocktails. Do you agree? Take this quiz to learn which holiday cocktail you are!

The Cocktail Test – Sometimes picking the perfect cocktail is all about the visuals. This cocktail quiz is simple and effective. Choose the cocktail that appeals to you the most, and learn what it says about your personality. It’s too easy not to try!

What Cuban Cocktail Are You Quiz? – I can just imagine it now – a beautiful Cuban beach, the wind blowing in my hair, the sound of the ocean crashing, and of course, a delicious cocktail. Does it also sound like heaven to you? If so, take this Cuban cocktail quiz to see which Cuban cocktail you should be drinking with me on the beach.

What Beachy Cocktail Are You? – If a Cuban cocktail sounded good to you, then let’s keep the ball rolling with another beach cocktail quiz! These cocktails may be a little more familiar to you than Cuban cocktails, but I promise they are equally delicious.

The Fancy Cocktail Test – After a long day of beachy cocktails, it sometimes feels to to get all dressed up for the evening. And what goes better with a night on the town than a fancy cocktail? Take this quiz to learn which fancy cocktail is just your style.

What do you think?

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