How Do You Compare? 3 Quizzes to Quiz Your Friends!

Sometimes it’s fun to see how your quiz results stack up with those that your friends get. I think we all like to place ourselves within our friend group, and seeing how others compare can help. For example, are you happier than your friends… or are they generally happier than you?

Also, we just tend to be better at evaluating our friends than evaluating ourselves. So if a friend scores a certain way on a quiz, that’s a good baseline to consider. Friends can help us know ourselves better, especially if they’re open about their quiz results 🙂

So gather up a few friends, and take these quizzes to see how you all compare! They’re all in good fun, and you’ll come out of the experience knowing more about yourselves and your friendships.

What Kind of Friend Are You? – Have you ever wondered what kind of friend you are? Take this quiz to learn if you’re the fun friend, the group gossip, or a loyal sidekick.

After you’ve learned what kind of friend you are, quiz your friends and learn what they get. Are you all the same type of friend, or do you have different roles to play in your friend circle?

What Makes You a Good Friend? – If you have friends, then it almost by definition means that you’re a good friend. However we are all good friends in our own way. Some of us are accepting, while others are honest. Take this quiz to find out what your friends love about you.

Once you know what makes you a good friend, ask your friends to take this quiz as well. Learn if you are all good friends in the same way or if you’re bringing different strengths to friendship.

What’s Your Friendship Style? – We all approach friendship in our own ways. I consider there to be four friendship styles: philosophical, independent, gregarious, and empathetic. Give this quiz a whirl to see what friendship style you rock.

And once you’ve taken the friendship style quiz, pass it along to your best friends. This quiz will identify their friendship styles and also show you how each friendship style fuses together. It’s a great way to get insight into what’s working (and what isn’t) in your closest friendships.

What do you think?

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