Happy Winter Solstice! 8 Quizzes for the Shortest Day of the Year

Happy solstice! In my neck of the woods, this is the shortest day of the year. And in my opinion, this is the perfect day to get cozy and take some quizzes. Check out these quizzes that I have found especially good to take on the shortest day of the year.

What Yoga Pose Are You? – To me, there’s nothing better than getting my yoga on during a cold and dark day. If you’re interested in joining me in a little solstice inspired yoga, if only virtually, then check out this quiz!

What Comfort Food Are You? – Let’s be clear… I think any time of year is a good time for comfort food, and that’s especially true on the darkest day of the year. Take this quiz to see what kind of comfort food you should be eating!

What Music Should You Dance To? – While I think this is a great day for rest and relaxation, I don’t want my energy level getting too low. If you also want to throw a little solstice dance party, then take this quiz to see what music you should play.

What Kind of Book Are You? – When the days are short and the nights are long, I love getting lost in a good book. Take this quiz to learn what sort of book you should read this solstice.

Are You Coffee or Tea? – In my experience, the shortest day of the year tends to be a cold one! I like to warm up with a drink… preferably something with caffeine. Want to join me? This quiz will let you know if you should be reaching for coffee or tea!

Are You the Moon or the Sun? – One of my favorite things about the winter solstice is that there is a little more time for the moon and the stars. Planning on doing some star gazing tonight? If so, check out this quiz!

What’s Your Spiritual Number? – Feel like digging into a little longer quiz? Then this is the perfect quiz for taking and reflecting on during a long night. Find out how you are spiritual, during which is a spiritual time for many.

What are you like in the winter?

What’s Your Winter Personality? – The darkest nights may be ending, but winter is just beginning! Take this quiz to see how you’ll survive and thrive this winter.

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