Feeling Chilly? 7 Quizzes to Keep You Warm on a Cold Day!

Brrr! Are you staying warm this season? We have had a colder than average fall, and I have heard winter is going to be even colder. I don’t love the cold, but I do love staying warm. I have been experimenting with new ways of staying warm this year, including drinking lots of tea and baking bread first thing in the morning to warm up the house.

This is definitely a lazier time of year, and I embrace it. It’s the perfect weather for cozying up with my laptop to write a few quizzes and blog posts. And it’s even better for cozying up with your phone, laptop, or tablet to take a few quizzes. Here’s a few quizzes I’ve written that I think are especially perfect for a cold day:

What Flavor Hot Chocolate Are You?
– While tea is my favorite everyday drink for warming up, nothing beats a nice cup of hot chocolate. Warm up with this hot chocolate themed quiz, and learn which flavor hot chocolate suits you best!

What Greek Island Should You Visit?
– I’m usually content to wait the winter out because the spring and summer are so warm here in Texas. However, in the very dead of winter, I start dreaming about a warm beachy vacation. And you know what? The Greek islands would do just fine! I’d love the food, the wine, the sunshine, and the amazing views! Do you agree? Take this quiz for a virtual cold weather escape.

What Basic Recipe Should You Make?
– As I mentioned above, my new favorite thing to warm up my house is baking homemade bread. But honestly, anything that turns on my oven or range is a great way to get warm. Want to do some cooking to get your house heated? Then this quiz will tell you what you should make! And the best part is the recipe is included in your result.

What’s Your Winter Scent?
– Sometimes the right scent can warm me up, at least in spirit. I think there’s really something to warming spices, and something about the smell of cinnamon in particular just makes me feel a little cozier inside! What about you? Could you use a winter scent boost? Take this quiz to see what scent might just lift your spirits.

What’s Your Thinking Style?
– I feel like winter is the perfect time to go inward a little. I love to write and take some more serious quizzes when I’m hibernating, and this one totally fits the bill. Ready to do some introspection? Take this quiz to learn how you think.

What Sort of Artist Should You Be?
– For me, the changing of the seasons can mean a changing of hobbies. I spend less time on gardening and long walks, and I spend more time on yoga indoors and artistic pursuits. My grandma taught me many years ago that arts and crafts are the best way to get through a long dark winter. Do you also agree that winter is a good time for art? If so, take this quiz to see what sort of artist you should be.

What Constellation Are You?
– I don’t make it a habit, but every so often I love to bundle up on a quiet winter night and look at the stars. I think I got started with this tradition growing up, because the stars in my hometown just looked a little brighter on those cold clear nights. If you fancy some winter stargazing as well, then take this quiz to learn which constellation you are most like.

What do you think?

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