Are You In Love? These 8 Quizzes Will Tell the Truth.

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Are you truly in love? Take these quizzes to find out.

Are you truly in love? Sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s the real thing or not. In my opinion, there are two times when it’s hard to tell if you’re in love or not. The first is when a relationship is new, and it’s difficult to tell if it will develop into love or not. This is totally understandable and common. The second time we wonder if we’re in love is when we’ve been in love, but we think that we’ve fallen out of love. This is a sadder time to be wondering about love, but all too real for most of us at some point in our lives.

So are you wondering if it’s really love? Even if you think you know, you may want to take these quizzes to see if you’re truly in love:

love blocks
Are You in Love?
– This quiz doesn’t pull any punches. If you’re hear to find out if you’re in love, this quiz will tell you straight up what the deal is. Take this test to learn the truth about your love life.

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What Kind of Love Are You In?
– Sometimes one of the confusing things about love is that we feel love for someone, but it’s not the right kind. This quiz breaks down the six different love types (storge, manic, agapic, ludic, pragmatic, and erotic), and it tells you which one you are in. Take this quiz to learn what type of love you are in right now.

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How Are You In Love?
– This scenario quiz will ask you a few questions about a romantic encounter, and with your answers, it will tell you how you act in love. This is a fun break from reality, and a very accurate take on your love style.

heart shaped balloons

Your Love Life Secrets, Revealed – This is another love scenario quiz to tell you all about your love life. Unlike the previous scenario quiz above, this quiz contains many scenarios, so you get to learn about many aspects of your personality. Check it out!

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What Is Your Heart Feeling?
– How is your heart truly feeling? Sometimes we aren’t entirely honest with ourselves when it comes to what’s going on in our hearts. Take this quick image quiz to learn your heart’s true status.

kissing couple
What Is Your Love Based On?
– Have you determined if you’re in love? If so, you may want to know what your love is based on. Is your love based on infatuation … or commitment? This quiz will let you know what the core of your love actually is.

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Are You With Your Soul Mate?
– It may be love, but are you with your person. Just because you care for and respect someone, it doesn’t mean that he’s the one. Take this quiz to find out if you’re with your soul mate or just someone more temporary.

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Have You Ever Been in Love?
– If you’re coming up short on all these quizzes, you may wonder if you’ve ever been in love. Take this quiz to find out if you’re still waiting for love in your life.

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