7 Quizzes to Celebrate Mother’s Day – Whether You Are a Mom, Have a Mom, or Love a Mom

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Happy Mother’s Day! Check out these quizzes for the mom in your life… or yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day! Whether you’re a mom, have a mom, or just know a mom you care about, this is a fun day to celebrate motherhood. This is actually my second mother’s day as a mom, which means I’ll be celebrating a little extra. That being said, I’m super laid back about Mother’s Day… if I’m honest, I think it’s mostly a commercial holiday. My number one request for Mother’s Day was a chocolate croissant. Seriously, that’s all I need to make me happy!

How about you? Will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Whether you have big plans, are taking it easy, or are opting out completely, I’ve got a few quizzes to help you get in the Mother’s Day spirit. Take them with your mom or simply take them by yourself. Here are a few quizzes I think moms (and people with moms) will enjoy:

Are You Like Your Mom?
– It’s definitely a cliche that we turn into our moms as we age, but is it true for you? Depending on your mom, turning into your mom could be a good or bad thing – but it’s hopefully a good one 😉 Take this quiz to find out how much you are like your mom.

What Gilmore Girl Are You?
– To me, the Gilmore Girls is the ultimate mother daughter show! Have you seen it? I love the bond between Rory and Lorelai, but I also appreciate the relationship between Emily and Lorelai too! If you are a fan of the mothers and daughters in this show, then you definitely are going to want to find out what Gilmore Girl you are.

What’s Your Personality Archetype?
– Do you often feel like you’re the mom in your group of friends? Then this is the quiz for you. Find out if your personality archetype is the mom, or if you play another role. I like this quiz because it acknowledges that you don’t have to literally be a mother to mother others!

What’s Your Spa Fragrance?
– In my opinion, there’s no better treat for Mother’s Day than a spa visit. If you didn’t happen to get a spa visit for Mother’s Day this year but would like one, take this quiz instead. What spa fragrance best suits you?

What Flavor Chocolate Bar Are You?
– Chocolate is not as traditional of a Mother’s Day gift as it should be! I say bring on the chocolate for moms. Especially if those Mother’s Day chocolates include dark chocolate truffles. Just saying! Whether you are celebrating Mother’s Day with chocolate or not, I think you’ll enjoy this chocolate quiz.

What’s Your Spirit Flower?
– Flowers are a traditional Mother’s Day gift, and I think they make every mom feel appreciated. So don’t feel like you’re phoning it in if you get your mom flowers for Mother’s Day. I’m sure she loves them! Not sure what flowers to give a mom in your life? Have her take this spirit flower quiz!

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