The 12 Most Accurate Personality Quizzes That Millions Swear By

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Looking for accurate personality quizzes? Take these tests!

Have you ever been disappointed by a personality test? A lot of personality tests are not very accurate, and that’s okay! Some personality tests are just for fun (like What How I Met Your Mother Character Are You?), including some of the ones I write. But sometimes we want to dig a little deeper.

I’ll be honest. Deep and reflective personality quizzes are my jam. And I do my best to make them accurate. However, I am not the judge of how accurate my quizzes are. That judge is you!

So all I can do is present you with some quizzes that I’ve been told time and time again are very accurate. It’s up to you to take them and see what you think. The quizzes below have been taken by tons of Blogthings friends over the years, and I’m told they are very dead on. Give them a go, and let me know what you think!

How Do You Paint the World?
– I believe that a painting says a lot about an artist. Do you agree? Then I also think it follows that the paintbrush, stroke, and paint you choose says a lot about you! Take this quick image quiz to see how you (figuratively) paint the world.

Who Have You Always Been?
– I think we spend too much time thinking about who we are and what we feel today… and not enough time thinking about who we are at our core. This simple quiz will get to the essence of your permanent personality. Find out who you are and who you’ll always be.

What’s Your Energy Type?
– I am a big believer in tapping into our energy when it’s there and letting it build up when it’s drained. It’s a pretty simple sentiment but hard in practice with all of life’s demands. This quiz will let you know what sort of energy you have so that you can figure out how to best harness it.

How Many of Your Needs Are Being Met?
– Have you heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? It’s a theory all about how your needs get met, in an important sequence. Take this quiz to see how many of your needs are getting met right now.

What’s Your Heaven on Earth?
– I’m a big believer in “wherever you go, there you are” – but I also believe that a change in scenery can do us all some good. This quiz will let you know where your heaven on earth really is 🙂

What’s the Part of You That No One Sees?
– We all have parts of ourselves that no one sees, but that also means that we don’t see them either. This quick image quiz will unveil the hidden aspects of your personality. A very accurate quiz!

The Inkblot Test
– Have you heard of the old psychological inkblot test or Rorschach test? This quiz is my own spin on that. Simply interpret various inkblots to get some insight into how you tick!

What’s Your Soul’s Secret?
– Do you feel like you’re keeping a secret from the world? Maybe even you’re keeping this secret from yourself too. Take this quiz to discover the hidden secret in your soul.

The Four Sided Personality Test
– I think we all have many sides to our personalities, sometimes in concert with one another but sometimes in conflict too. Delve into this quick quiz to find out which parts of your personality are working together every day.

What Do You Struggle With?
– We all have our struggles in life, and sometimes it’s hard to admit them to ourselves. And that just makes struggles worse! Take this quiz to discover what you may be secretly struggling with.

What’s Your Platonic Personality?
– What classic personality type best fits you? While the personality archetypes in this quiz go way back, they are still very relevant today. Take this quiz to find yours.

What Makes You Happy?
– What is the thing that makes you happy? This can be a tough thing to figure out, so here’s a quiz to help. This personality test will accurately tell you what makes you happy.

What do you think?

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