9 Quizzes for Anyone Asking “Am I Depressed?”

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Are you depressed? These nine quizzes will help you figure out if you need help.

Have you been feeling a bit more down, lethargic, restless, or hopeless lately? We all go through cycles of feeling not so great, and that’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. Every person in the world has their down times, even if they aren’t public about it. It happens to all of us.

Sometimes a down mood is something more than a temporary setback – it’s depression. And just like a down mood is nothing to be ashamed of, depression is nothing to be ashamed of. So many of us have been there, and it is not your fault if you feel like you may be depressed.

If you feel like you may be depressed, check out these nine quizzes. They’ll help you get a better sense of what’s going on in our life. The quizzes below are not administered by a doctor or therapist, but they may give you an idea if you are experiencing a temporary mood change or something more serious.

Are You Depressed?
– Are you actually depressed or just in a funk? This quiz takes a look at the various risk factors for depression and let’s you know how high you score on them. This comprehensive depression quiz will let you know if you need to seek help for your depression.

How Stressed Are You?
– Sometimes we can feel like we’re depressed simply because life is so stressful. And other times, stress can actually bring on depression. This quiz will let you know how high your current stress level is.

Are You Socially Anxious?
– Social anxiety is no picnic, and studies show that social anxiety can actually lead to depression. This quiz will help you find out if social anxiety is playing a role in your depressive symptoms.

How is Your Self Esteem?
– Low self esteem and depression go hand and hand. It’s hard to raise your self esteem when you are depressed, and it’s hard to avoid depression when you don’t feel good about yourself. This quiz will show you where your self esteem stacks up.

Are You Mania or Depression?
– Some people say that the flip side of depression is mania, and I can see where they’re coming from. If you feel like you cycle between being low and high energy, then this is the quiz for you. Take it to see if you’re veering more towards the manic or depressive side of things.

Do You Need Therapy?
No matter whether you’re depressed or just struggling in some way, there’s no shame in seeking therapy. There’s even a lot of online options for therapy these days, which is super convenient and also sometimes more cost effective. Take this quiz to see if you could benefit from therapy.

Can You Change Your Life?
– The worst thing about feeling down or depressed is feeling stuck. We’ve all been there, and sometimes change can be very elusive. Take this quiz to learn how easily you can change your life.

How Misanthropic Are You?
– I don’t think any of us start out as misanthropes, but somewhere along the way, we can lose trust in other people. There haven’t been many studies on this, but I think misanthropy can come from depression. Do you agree? Take this quiz to see if you have a misanthropic streak these days.

How Happy Are You, Really?
– At the end of the day, we all just want to be happy. If you’re still unsure where you stand, this quiz will help you determine if you’re truly, honestly happy or not.

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