10 Quizzes for Teachers to Take for National Teacher Day

teacher teaching kindergarten
Are you a teacher? Have some fun with these quizzes!

Happy National Teacher’s Day! Teachers are a big part of the Blogthings community. Many teachers use Blogthings in the classroom, which I think is super cool 🙂 Since today is all about celebrating teachers, I decided to include some quizzes I thought teachers may enjoy taking. Whether you’re a current teacher, former teacher, aspiring teacher, or fan of teachers, I think you’ll enjoy these quizzes.

Celebrate National Teacher’s Day with me by taking these quizzes:

What Grade Should You Teach?
– What grade is best suited to your personality and talents? Take this quiz to find out what grade of school you should be teaching! This quiz is based on elementary school grades, so if you get fifth grade, there’s a chance that you’d be suited for middle or high school as well.

What Elementary School Subject Are You?
– Let’s be honest… I wrote this quiz because I love every elementary school subject. Do you agree? Whether you’re a teacher or someone just missing elementary school, this quiz will let you know what elementary school subject you are most talented at.

What After School Snack Are You?
– Sometimes the best part of the school day is the after school snack! After school snacks aren’t just for kids… teachers have to eat too! Take this quiz to learn which after school snack you should be eating.

How’s Your Vocabulary?
– No matter what subject you’re teaching, it’s important for all teachers to have a big vocabulary. Do you make the grade? Take this quiz to see how your vocabulary stacks up.

What’s Your Learning Style?
– While teachers may spend a lot of time thinking about learning styles in their classroom, teachers are always learning as well. Take this quiz to figure out what kind of learner you are. Once you know your own learning style, you an harness it to increase your learning (and therefore teaching) power.

Who Were You In High School?
– Teachers get to observe students so much that they naturally start thinking about their own student experience. What were you like in high school? Sometimes it’s hard to remember or get an accurate picture of how people perceived us, and this quiz helps with that. Take this quiz to see what you were like in school.

Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?
– Math can be a vexing subject for all of us (well, except math teachers!). How much of the math you learned in school do you actually remember? Take this quiz to see if you could pass 8th grade math… or if you need to hit the books!

What Does Your Least Favorite School Subject Say About You?
– While teachers may not want to admit to their students that they had a least favorite school subject, we all have one. Take this quiz to find out what your least favorite school subject reveals about you. And don’t worry! Your secret is safe with me!

The Classroom Test
– Teachers spend most of their time on one side of the classroom, so I thought it would be fun to imagine the roles reversed. This scenario quiz puts you as the student inside a classroom. Say how you would react to certain situations, and you’ll get a customized personality result.

How Liberal Or Conservative Are You?
– As I mentioned earlier, teachers love to share Blogthings quizzes with their classrooms! I think that’s so cool. What a great way to mix technology and learning. This is the #1 quiz that teachers like to share with their classes. Give it a go, and see if you know a young person who may like to take it as well.

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