The 12 Best Personality Quizzes for Girls to Take Right Now

two girls having fun
Looking for some girls only quizzes! Then take these personality tests.

I love writing quizzes because I grew up taking quizzes is magazines. If you are at least 30, you probably have similar memories of fun magazine quizzes written specifically for girls and women. Heck, I know they still exist, but they were even more of a thing in the 2000s, 90s, 80s, and beyond!

Whether you also liked magazine quizzes or simply want some fun female directed personality tests, then I’ve got the collection for you. All of these quizzes are “girls only” which means no guys allowed. Bond with your favorite ladies over these quizzes, or just take them along with me:

Betty Page

What Famous Pinup Are You?
– Are you more of a Bettie Page or Marilyn Monroe type? This quiz will tell you which classic pinup’s style you should rock. I love taking this body positive quiz with my friends!

woman in ball gown

How Girly Are You?
– Are you a total girly girl, tomboy, or something in between? Take this quiz to see how girly you are compared to the rest of the world. No wrong answers with this one!

brunette in brown dress

What Women’s Hairstyle Is Right For You?
– Looking for a new style? Then you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive quiz will recommend a new hairstyle for you.

edgy model in modern dress

What Kind of Girl Are You?
– How do people see you? Are you brainy, career oriented, sporty, or new age? This quiz will tell you what type of girl (or woman) you are.

fresh faced brunette

What Type of Beauty Are You?
– I truly believe that we women are all beautiful in our own way, and this quiz reflects that. Find out of you are a classical beauty or natural beauty with this uplifting beauty quiz.

blonde in aviator sunglasses

Do You Have A Bad Girl Reputation?
– We can’t control our reputations, and sometimes they are very unfair. Take this quiz to learn what sort of reputation you have and why.

woman overlooking cliff

What’s Your Beauty Element?
– What element is your beauty most connected to? Are you more of an earthy beauty or a fiery beauty? Take this quiz to find out!

pink nail polish

What Color Nail Polish Best Fits You?
– In my opinion, it’s not really a girls day without some nails getting painted. I’m more of a DIY girl than a manicure girl… I like to change colors all the time. Whether you get your nails done by a pro or do them yourself, take this quiz to find out what color polish you should have.

woman covered in sheer fabric

What Goddess Are You?
– Have you noticed the trend where women are embracing their inner goddesses? I love it! Find out which goddess you are most like with this quiz!

red bikini

What Kind of Bikini Are You?
– Get ready for summer with this fun bikini quiz! I love this quiz because I can “try on” various bikinis without being in a dressing room. Take this quiz for a little bikini fashion inspiration.

woman in gold sweater

What Decade Diva Are You?
– Do you get your style inspiration from a particular decade or era? I personally love some of the bolder mod looks from the 1960s for right now. Take this quiz to learn which decade best suits you.

couple in hats on motorcycle

How Well Do You Understand Men?
– As much as we may love these girls only quizzes, we also live in the world, which is approximately half men 😉 Take this quiz to see if you have men all figured out… or if you have a few things to learn!

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