Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Here’s 9 Quizzes to Celebrate Today

three margaritas
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo today with these festive quizzes!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Down with Napoleon the Third! While this fun holiday has serious roots, we mostly celebrate Cinco de Mayo with delicious food and drink. And hey, that’s okay with me. I’ll take any excuse for a taco and a margarita 🙂

Are you ready for some Cinco de Mayo fun! Then take these quizzes with me:

What Flavor Margarita Are You?
– In my opinion, it’s not Cinco de Mayo without something fun to drink. Margaritas, Mexican beer, agua frescas – any or all of these are ideal. I’m personally a margarita fan, and if you are too, you’re going to want to take this quiz!

Are You a Taco, Burrito, or Tostada?
– Now that we’ve got something to drink, it’s time to find some Cinco de Mayo food. Let’s start casually! Do you want a taco, burrito, or tostada? Take this quiz to learn which one best suits you.

What’s Your Mexican Name?
– I love Mexican names! So many people in my area have Mexican and Mexican inspired names, and they are so beautiful. While I don’t have a Mexican name, you pronounce it the same in Spanish and English which is a start 🙂 Take this quiz to see what your Mexican name should be for Cinco de Mayo!

What Mexican Food Are You?
– Want a wider variety of Mexican food options for Cinco de Mayo? Heck yes, I think we do. Take this quiz to find out what kind of Mexican food you should be eating. And since I’m from Texas, of course I put a Tex-Mex spin on this one.

The Mexico Test
– Have you ever dreamed of going to Mexico? I went once, years ago, and I’d like to go again. Simply select the Mexico photo you like best, and see what it says about you.

The Taco Test
– If you’re going to visit Mexico (or simply celebrate Cinco de Mayo like a champ), then you better love tacos. I sure do, and I have been known to eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all on the same day! Mark your taco preferences on this quiz, and learn what your taco says about you!

Could You Pass 8th Grade Spanish?
– Want to show off your Spanish this Cinco de Mayo? You better find out if your Spanish is good enough! I speak some Spanish, but it can be a bit rusty at times. So I can barely pass eighth grade Spanish. What about you? Take this quiz to find out!

What Taco Bell Food Are You?
– I’m just going to be honest here… I’m celebrating Sesame Street with Taco Bell this year! That’s life with a toddler. At least the Taco Bell here serves booze. Do you also love Taco Bell? Take this quiz to learn what Taco Bell meal you should be eating.

What Does Your Chipotle Order Say About You?
– Or are you maybe more of a Chipotle fan? I go there too! Put in your Chipotle order for Cinco de Mayo for this quiz, and learn what it says about you.

What do you think?

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