May the 4th Be With You! 6 Fun Personality Quizzes for Star Wars Fans

Happy May the 4th! This is the day that we celebrate all things Star Wars. Because “May the 4th Be With You” sounds a lot like “May the Force Be With You”! Yes, it’s corny, but I will take it. I love any reason to celebrate Star Wars.

What about you? Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you prefer the newer movies or the older movies? I generally like to kick it old school, but I’ll be honest and say any Star Wars movie will do. Especially if it has lots of Chewbacca.  That’s why this silly holiday is so special to me 🙂

Ready to celebrate May the 4th with me? Than check out the quizzes below. Some are Star Wars themed, while others are all about space. I’d really like to have more Star Wars quizzes on Blogthings, so let me know which ones you’d like to see!

What Is Your Star Wars Name and Title?
– If you lived in the Star Wars universe, what would your name be? Take this wacky quiz to find out. Your result may be a bit weird, but Star Wars names are weird!

Are You Star Wars or Star Trek?
– Personally, I love them both, but I am drawn more to one (can you guess?). What about you? Take this quiz to see if you should be in the Star Wars or Star Trek universe.

What Planet Should You Rule?
– In our known universe, which planet should you be the leader of? Take this quiz to find out which planet you should rule. While there aren’t any Star Wars planets represented, wouldn’t you rather be the leader of a planet that exists.

What Are the Chances that You’ve Been Abducted by Aliens?
– If you think about it, Princess Leia was abducted by aliens. Or at least captured by aliens! What are the chances that you’ve been abducted by aliens and don’t know it? This quiz will let you know!

How Are You Out of This World?
– Like the characters on Star Wars, we are all out of this world in our own ways!

What Constellation Are You?
– I think part of the reason that I like Star Wars so much is that I’m an avowed star gazer. Do you like to also look up at the stars? Take this quiz to learn what constellation you are most like.

What do you think?

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