Obsessed With the MBTI? Here’s Six Personality Quizzes to Teach You More About Your Myers–Briggs Type

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Curious about your MBTI Type? Take these quizzes to dig deeper!

Are you familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI? It’s a well-known personality framework that assigns you a letter to four different aspects of your personality. For example, people end up with MBTI results like INTP (me!!!) or ESFJ (opposite of me). You can score extrovert or introvert (E vs I), sensing or intuitive (S vs N), feeling or thinking (F vs T), and judging or perceiving (J vs P).

I’ll be the first to tell you that the Myers-Briggs framework is not evidence based and is not used in the field of psychology. However, it is based on decades of observation, and many people find a lot of insight from learning about their results.

Ready to dig in to all this? Whether you know your MBTI type or not, these quizzes will give you some new details about your personality.

What’s Your Personality Type?
– This is my own stab at figuring out your base MBTI type. If you haven’t tested yourself in a while (if ever) or if you don’t entirely buy your results, then start here. Warning: this quiz has 40 questions, but that’s what makes it so accurate. It goes quite quickly once you get in the groove, and I have heard that many people consider this to be a very accurate measure of Myers-Briggs type. What do you think? Is your result accurate?

How Rare Is Your Personality?
– While all 16 Myers-Briggs results can be found in the world, some are rarer than others. Take this quiz to learn if your type is more rare or more popular. I’ve found that learning one’s type is “rare” tends to be a lightbulb moment for many, so I definitely recommend checking this quiz out!

What’s Your Personality Cluster?
– If you want a new twist on your MBTI type, then this quiz is for you. This personality cluster quiz quickly tests your MBTI type and then gives you a personality cluster result. For example, because I’m INTP, I get the introverted thinking cluster. Find out where you land!

What’s Your Love Type?
– How does your MBTI type affect your romantic life? Take this quiz to learn your type as it applies to love. You may be surprised to get a different type than your normal Myers-Briggs type for this quiz!

What Should You Study?
– What field of study is best suited to your MBTI type? Take this quick quiz to find out. Whether you’re looking to go back to school or simply looking for a new interest, you’ll find the fields of study best suited to you.

The Quick and Dirty Career Test
– Thinking about a career change? Whether you’re serious about it or just daydreaming about a new life’s purpose, this quick quiz will help you find yours. Learn which career is best suited for your MBTI type!

What do you think?

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