Got the Monday Blues? Here’s 7 Quizzes to Give You Some Monday Motivation!

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Happy Monday! Get energized with these motivating quizzes.

It’s bright and early on Monday morning (at least in my neck of the woods), and if you’re anything like me, you may need some Monday motivation. Mondays are always tough for me… it’s hard to get up to weekday speed after a relaxing weekend. Some quizzes (and coffee) always help though.

Take one or more of these quizzes if you need a little extra motivation this Monday!

What Kind of Coffee Are You?
– First things first, if it’s Monday morning I need my coffee. Is this also part of your Monday morning routine? If so, take this fun java based quiz to learn more about your coffee personality!

What’s Your Happy Song?
– Now that we’ve got our caffeine covered, it’s time to talk tunes. Nothing gets me motivated on a Monday morning like some good music. Take this quiz to learn your happy song, and don’t be afraid to crank it up to 11 😉

Where Do You Think Best?
– One of my biggest problems on Monday mornings is that it’s hard to get my brain booted up. My thinking can be cloudy and slow on Mondays, and sometimes having the right atmosphere can really get me motivated. Does this strategy work for you as well? Find out with this quiz, which will tell you where you think best. Maybe you need a change of scenery to get that Monday motivation flowing!

What’s Your Color Code?
– For me, hard days are all about embracing who I am and what works for me. For example, I’m Red! That means I’m the type of person who needs to-do lists, but I also need to see them as totally optional. What about you? This color code quiz will give you a quick overview of your strengths so you can play them up this Monday… and for days to come!

How Should You Change The World?
– I’ll be honest… sometimes I am just not in the mood for some deep thinking on a Monday. But at the same time, an important reason for doing what I’m doing can really get me motivated. Whether it’s a life’s purpose or a big goal, I need to see the big picture. This quiz can help me do that, and I hope you find it to be a catalyst for you today.

Are You Book Smart or Street Smart?
– Now that you know your Color Code and how you want to change the world, you may be motivated to get started. This is a good time to remind yourself whether you’ve got book smarts, street smarts … or maybe both. Because while it may be time for some people to hit the books, others of us may need to hit the streets to get things done.

When Do You Shine?
– If Monday mornings seem exceptionally painful for you, then there’s a chance that you just aren’t a morning person. For many years in my life, I was not a morning person… so it just benefited me to skip Monday mornings entirely (but at the same time burn some midnight oil instead). Take this quiz to see what time of day is your most productive.

What do you think?

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