Feel Like Dancing? 8 Quizzes to Take Today for International Dance Day!

woman dancing in city
Put on your dancing shoes and take these personality quizzes!

Happy International Dance Day! Do you like to dance? I have to say that dance is a later in life discovery for me. Now that I have one of those smart speakers in my house, I love to dance to all sorts of music. I was never a dance in the club (or even dance at a wedding) type of person, but I love dancing at home!

What about you? Do you love to dance? If you love to get moving – or simply appreciate the art of dance – then I’ve got some quizzes for you.

What Dance Are You?
– What dance best suits you? This quiz looks at your current dancing habits and lets you know what dance you should be dancing. Who knows? You may have been dancing the wrong dance your whole life? Find out if you should be dancing ballet, ballroom, tango, or disco!

What Music Should You Dance To?
– Sometimes the right music is just what I need to get dancing? Can you relate? This quiz will let you know if you should be dancing to country, salsa, pop, or something else entirely.

What’s Your Dance Style?
– When it’s time to let loose, what sort of dance should you bust out. All of the results for this quiz are a ton of fun (no classical dance allowed!). So if you want to get inspired to get moving, this is the quiz for you. Cha cha on over and take it!

Are You a Black Swan or a White Swan?
– Have you seen the movie Black Swan? I love this psychological thriller that takes place in the ballet world with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. This quiz is based on that very thrilling movie. Take it to find out if you’d be an evil or good ballerina!

What Dance Should You Dance?
– Forget about what dance you can dance, what dance should you actually dance? Take this quiz to find out what dance stirs your soul – from the rumba to flamenco. And then go learn it!

What Center Stage Character Are You?
– Have you seen Center Stage? If you’re a fan of dance, then I highly recommend it. It’s all about a ballet academy in NYC in the early 2000s. Take this quiz to learn which Center Stage character you are most like.

What’s Your 80s Dance Song?
– Sometimes nothing gets me moving like a cheesy 80s song! I just love the energy and goofiness of some songs from the 1980s. What about you? Do you like to dance to 80s music? Take this quiz to learn which 80s song you should be dancing to.

The Dance Test
– Want a quick and dirty dance fix? No problem! Simply pick the dance picture that you like the most and get a whole new window on your personality. Yes, it really is that easy!

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