14 Literary Quizzes to Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day

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Do you love indie bookstores? Then take these bookish quizzes!

Happy Independent Bookstore Day! Do you like independent bookstores? I love them! Some of my favorites are the Harvard Bookstore in Boston, the Tattered Cover in Denver, Brazos bookstore in Houston, and of course BookPeople in Austin ๐Ÿ™‚ I try to visit indie bookstores as often as I can!

I am very excited about Independent Bookstore Day, and I have compiled some of my favorite quizzes to celebrate. Comment below and let me know what you get!

The Bookstore Test
– If you’ve read this far, I can only imagine that you like browsing bookstores as much as I do. If so, this quiz is for you! It’s a scenario quiz where you imagine browsing a bookstore, and at the end you get a personality result.

What You’ve Got Mail Character Are You?
– It may seem odd to feature a movie quiz so highly on a list about book quizzes, but I just love how well You’ve Got Mail captures the magic of independent bookstores. Yes, the big chain still wins in the end, but this movie is a must see for all indie bookstore fans. So the quiz is also a must take ๐Ÿ™‚

What Kind of Book Are You?
– If you are an avid reader, you probably have your favorite genres – even if you read very widely. Does this quiz accurately predict what kind of fiction book you are? Take it and let me know!

What Banned Book Are You?
– Have you ever read a banned book? I didn’t think I had until I started doing research on them. A lot of books have been banned and challenged. Take this quiz to discover which banned book you should read.

Are You a Hardcover Book or a Paperback Book?
– I love a well stocked bookstore where I actually get to choose between hardcover and paperback. I’ve noticed my local Barnes & Noble has really stopped carrying most hardcovers now. Which one do you prefer? Take this quiz to see if your outcome matches your preference!

Are You a Bookworm?
– Do you consider yourself a bookworm? If you are saying “no,” you may be surprised after taking this quiz. I based it more on book reading habits than on how many books you read. You may be surprised to discover your inner bookworm!

Are You As Well Read as Rory Gilmore?
– One of my ultimate favorite shows is the Gilmore Girls, and one of the things I love most about it is how widely Rory Gilmore reads. Take this quiz to see how many of Rory’s books you have read. It’s also just a great reading list ๐Ÿ™‚

What Kind of Reader Are You?
Are you a voracious reader? Or are you more of an occasional reader? Take this quiz to see what kind of book lover you are.

What Bridget Jones Character Are You?
– I couldn’t write this list without including a quiz for one of my favorite books! I love both the Bridget Jones movie and book. They are both good in their own way, and I think you’ll enjoy this quiz if you are a fan of either.

Are You Fiction or Non-fiction?
– When it comes to books, are you more of a “truth is stranger than fiction” or ” good fiction is the truth inside the lie” type? Take this quiz to find out! (And yes, this same model was featured in an above quiz. I guess she reads a lot.)

Which Bennet Sister Are You?
– While I love a good modern novel, I am also a diehard Jane Austen fan. Take this quiz to see which young lady from Pride and Prejudice you are most like.

What’s Your Literary Name?
– What name inspired by literature best suits you? Take this quiz to find your literary name. (And just keep trying until you get a name you like!)

The Bookshelf Test
– We book lovers don’t just stop at obsessing over books. We also obsess over bookcases and bookshelves! Take this quiz to see what your ideal bookshelf says about you.

How Well Read Are You?
– Do you feel like you’re exceptionally well read? Take this quiz to see how well read you really are! Is there a book that should be included on this quiz? Let me know by commenting below.

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