8 Personality Quizzes to Take Today to Celebrate Arbor Day

leafy green tree
Do you love trees? Celebrate Arbor Day with these quizzes!

Happy Arbor Day! I love this day celebrating trees. I feel lucky to live in an area that has big beautiful trees of all kinds. My personal favorites are fruit trees 🙂 Planting trees is a hobby of mine, so I am especially passionate about Arbor Day.

Arbor comes at the perfect time of year here in Austin.The trees are finally in full bloom and providing some desperately needed shade. Since we don’t have much for fall colors here, it’s also the time of year where trees have the most color – in the form of flowers!

What about you? Do you love trees? I mean, I assume you do! Who doesn’t like trees? They provide shade, color, fruit, and oxygen. If you are a fellow tree fan, celebrate with the quizzes below! Don’t forget to tag your quiz results #ArborDay on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What Kind of Tree Are You?
– What’s your spirit tree? That is, do you have a particular type of tree that fits your personality? Take this quiz to see if you’re more like an oak, redwood, willow, or bonsai tree.

The Tree Test
– What does the tree you’re attracted to say about you? Take this quick image quiz to learn who you are at your core. This quiz will let you know how you’re grounded and which way you’re growing – just like a tree.

What Forest Animal Are You?
– Of all the animals in the forest, which one are you the most like? This quiz has you imagine your life in the forest, which I always enjoying time and time again. If you are a fan of “scenario” personality quizzes, then I think you will love this forest based quiz.

The Rooted Tree Test
– How are you rooted and how are you free? Simply pick the rooted tree that stands out to you, and you’ll get a full personality profile.

What’s Your Forest Inspired Name?
– I love names that are nature based, and I am especially enchanted by forest inspired names. Get yours with this quick forest name quiz!

The Storybook Tree Test
– Sometimes I write quizzes just because I’m inspired by the pictures, and that was definitely the case for this quiz. I just love the look of these storybook trees. Tap into your imagination, and get a quiz result by picking one.

The Autumn Tree Test
– I love the colors of autumn trees. In fact, I dream of autumn colors on a cozy foggy day all year long. If you are a fellow autumn tree fan, you will appreciate this quick image quiz.

What Season Tree Are You?
– I guess what season tree I am is no surprise after the last quiz! What about you? What season tree do you connect with? Take this quiz to find out.

What do you think?

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