6 Personality Quizzes to Take for National Tea Day

woman with cup of tea
Do you love tea? Then take these tea quizzes for National Tea Day!

Today is National Tea Day, and you better believe that I’ll be celebrating. Blogthings runs on tea, and so do I. My current jam (so to speak) is a strong Irish breakfast tea with a dash of vanilla almond milk. But I do like a good green tea every now and then too. And iced black tea, now that we’re talking about it 🙂

What about you? Are you a tea fan? Then take these tea themed quizzes to celebrate with me!

What Kind of Tea Are You?
– When it comes down to it, what’s your tea personality? Do you go for black tea? Or are you more of an herbal person? Take this quiz to find out!

What Flavor Iced Tea Are You?
– Now that the weather is heating up in most of the world, we diehard tea fans are going to start turning to iced tea to get our fix. Which iced tea should you drink? This quiz will tell you.

What Flavor Bubble Tea Are You?
– I am not a regular drinker of bubble tea, but I love it as an occasional treat. And while my favorite thing about bubble tea is the bubbles, I love the wacky flavors too. Take this test to learn what flavor bubble tea (or boba tea) you are.

What Color Tea Are You?
– When I first decide to have a cup of tea, I always ask myself “what color?” Usually I’m in the mood for the energy of black tea, but sometimes I prefer the balance of green tea or the mellowness of white tea. I love tea and all of its variations, so that’s why I wrote this colorful quiz!

What Part of a Chai Tea Are You?
– Chai tea is one of my favorite treats, especially when I feel like I need some inspiration. (Because everyone knows that caffeine + spice + sugar = inspiration!) If you’re also a chai tea fan, then you’ll love this quiz!

What Tea Latte Are You?
– Why stop at chai when tea lattes are now a thing? I am a big fan of an earl grey latte myself! What about you? Take this quiz to learn your signature tea latte.

What do you think?

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