New Quiz: Are You a Maximizer? Take This Quiz to Learn if You’re a Maximizer or Satisficer

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Do you go for the best in life? Take this quiz to see if you maximize or satisfy.

Do you maximize most of your choices? I have been reading lately about maximizers and satisficers. A maximizer is always looking to make the best decision, even if deciding takes a while. A satisficer, on the other hand, finds the choice that works and stops looking at that point.

I know in my life I have tried to be a maximizer at times, and it’s exhausting. So I’m a reformed maximizer, trying to be a satisficer. It’s not easy, but there are so many good options out there, I try to just pick one.

However, of course, things are never that simple. There are some things I still find myself maximizing with. I do this a lot with clothing still… I am never satisfied with a good enough dress or pair of jeans. And I also sometimes maximize at restaurants. It’s hard for me to order – I want to get the best possible thing for myself.

Luckily, there are some things I can be a satisficer with. I’m pretty good at being a satisficer with which movies I choose to watch, which books I read, and what food I cook for dinner. It’s a start 😉

What about you? Take my latest quiz to find out: Are You a Maximizer?. This quiz will let you know once and for all whether you are a maximizer and satisficer. (And rest assured, I did some maximizing when writing this quiz to make sure it was as accurate as possible!)

Give Are You a Maximizer? a go, and let me know what you think of your result. Do you consider yourself more of a maximizer or a satisficer? What’s an area of your life in which you tend to be a maximizer? And in what area are you a satisficer? Comment below and let me know.

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