New Quiz: What Flavor Frosting Are You?

cream cheese frosting
What flavor frosting are you most like?

Are you a big frosting fan? For me, it’s often the best part of the cake. Of course, it depends on the cake and depends on the frosting! I’m not a big fan of fondant, but I love creamy, fluffy frosting. I’m not too proud to eat it straight from the can, but I prefer homemade. I love whipping up a batch of frosting whenever I bake a cake, and I have a secret ingredient… almond extract!

While there are plenty of cake quizzes around, I haven’t found one about frosting. So I decided to write one 🙂 If you think about it, there’s about as many types of frosting as there are cake. And I would argue that the frosting is just as integral to the taste of a whole cake as the cake flavor is. We definitely need to pay more attention to frosting people!

Are you also a frosting lover? Take my latest quiz: What Flavor Frosting Are You? Let me know what you get and what you think of the result. What’s your favorite part of a cake?

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