Do You Empower, Enable, Enhance, or Engage?

empower, enhance, enable, engage
Do you empower, enhance, enable, or engage?

Do you see the image up there? I saw it a while back on a site where I buy images for Blogthings, and I thought – now that would be a great quiz! It’s nuts but true. I thought a bout it a while, and I think we each empower, enhance, enable, and engage in this world. The question is, which one does each of us do the most?

Take my latest quiz to find out: Do You Empower, Enable, Enhance, or Engage? This quiz will show you how you best help others in the world.

Let me know what you get on this “e” quiz. Are you an empowerer, an enabler (the good kind), an enhancer, or an engager? What do you think of your result?

What do you think?

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