New Quiz: What Trendy Breakfast Are You?

Shakshuka is one of my favorite breakfast trends

Do you like a trendy breakfast or upscale brunch? I have to admit that I am late to the breakfast game entirely. I have been a breakfast hater for most of my life, but now it is probably my favorite meal. I do like very simple breakfasts like breakfast tacos and pancakes. However, I do like to get my fancy brunch on sometimes, complete with avocado toast and smoothie bowls!

What about you? Do you partake in some of the latest breakfast trends? Whether you’re a breakfast traditionalist or a breakfast hipster, you may enjoy my latest quiz: What Trendy Breakfast Are You?

Give this one a go, and let me know what you think. Would you eat what you got as a result? What’s the most interesting breakfast that you’ve ever had?

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A mix of these 2

You Are a Breakfast Salad

You are a total rebel. You like to break convention just to see what happens, and you don’t even like making up your own rules.
You have high standards for yourself, but they aren’t the world’s standards. You have some good “hacks” for getting what you want in life.

You don’t believe in strict limits. You trust your intuition to guide you, and you go with whatever seems best at any moment.
You are an innovator who is constantly evolving. You’re the type to invent breakfast salad … if someone hadn’t already done it.

You Are a Melon Bowl

You are fun loving and clever. You appreciate a fresh take on an old idea, and you are quick to recognize someone else’s effort.
You enjoy luxury but you tend to DIY it. You don’t need to pay top dollar for the better things in life, when you can make them yourself… or get them on sale!

You have an artistic and creative streak. Sometimes you just start creating without an endpoint in sight!
You see the world in bold colors, even if it’s quite dreary out. And you always can’t wait to start your day.

Not things i’d eat for breakfast.

Certain kinds of cereal, oatmeal (banana cream), cream of wheat (chocolate), sausage (especially maple), french toast, pancakes, toaster strudel, flavored waffles, and eggs and bacon.

What do you think?

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