6 Quizzes to Take for Homemade Pie Day

Today is National Homemade Pie Day, and I couldn’t imagine a better time to celebrate pies with fresh summer fruit. Are you eating pie today? Whether you are or not, celebrate with these pie themed quizzes.

What Kind of Pie Are You? – Take this classic quiz to find out what kind of classic pie you are. Are you an all American apple pie, a cherry pie, or even a mud pie?

The Pie Test – Too hungry to think straight? No problem! Just take this quiz and click on the pie that you like best. Voila! You’ll get a custom personality result.

What Flavor Mini Pie Are You? – Mini pies are all the rage in my neck of the woods, and I love trying them all! Take this quiz to learn what adorable and delicious mini pie you are. Chocolate anyone?

What Holiday Pie Matches Your Personality? – While we are pretty far away from the fall and winter holidays, I had to throw in this quiz because the holidays are prime pie time! Find out once and for all if you are more like a pumpkin or pecan pie.

Are You Cake or Pie? – Cake or pie? It’s the ultimate dilemma, but I try to settle it once and for all with this quiz.

Are You a Sweet or Savory Pie?
– I love a good sweet pie (any sweet pie, really!), but savory is also my jam. Take this quiz to find out if you are a sweet or savory pie.

What do you think?

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