Happy Birthday Jane Austen!

jane austen
Happy birthday to Jane Austen. Celebrate with some quizzes 🙂

I love Jane Austen books and adaptations, so I was thrilled to learn that today is her birthday. I often think about how tickled Miss Austen would be to know how celebrated she is after all these years! Do you also like Jane Austen? Celebrate her birthday with me by taking some quizzes below 🙂

What Emma Character Are You?

What Sense and Sensibility Character Are You?

Which Bennet Sister Are You?
 – Which character from Pride and Prejudice are you?

What’s Your Jane Austen Inspired Name?
 – What would your name be if you lived in Jane Austen’s universe?

What Clueless Character Are You?
 – Surprised to see this quiz on the list? The movie Clueless was actually based on Jane Austen’s Emma

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