Happy Election Day! Get Your Political Name :)

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Find out your Republican and / or Democrat name for election day!

Happy election day! Whew! We all made it 🙂 Or at least we will have after tonight.

I wanted to do something special for the election, but like many of you, I am so sick of politics. So what I did this year was write a couple political name generators. If you’re more of a Republican type, check out:What’s Your Republican Name? Consider yourself a Democrat? Then I’ve got: What’s Your Democrat Name?

Or of course, what I recommend is taking both of these quizzes, just for fun.

In case you were wondering where I got the Republican and Democrat names from, I took them from this nifty infographic summing up some research 🙂

Comment and let me know what you got. And let me know if you already voted this year! I voted early hoping to avoid the lines, but I got stuck in a line anyway.

2 replies on “Happy Election Day! Get Your Political Name :)”

Your Democrat Name Is: Ethan Reginald

Your Republican Name Is: Randall Tommy

I considered voting till I heard I can be summoned for jury duty, that and I can’t drive. Also saying I’m sick of politics isn’t descriptive enough, I’m really sick of the hypocrisy, greed, slander, lies, schism, swindling, and rivalry that seems to be more prevalent in politics than anything else, not to mention evidence shows politics often brings out the worst in people.

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