5 Quizzes to Celebrate Pumpkin Day With

pumpkin frosted donuts
I’d like to celebrate with pumpkin donuts!

Did you know that today is officially Pumpkin Day? I’m not really sure what the point of celebrating Pumpkin Day is, but it’s a nice excuse to celebrate all things fall and Halloween-y, a few days before Halloween.

I did a little looking around on Blogthings, and I found some quizzes to get us all in the pumpkin day spirit! Here they are:

What Pumpkin Face Should You Carve? – Do you like to carve a pumpkin for Halloween? It’s a tradition I sometimes indulge in! Take this quiz to see what pumpkin face you should be carving this year!

What Part of a Pumpkin Spice Latte Are You? – I know I featured this quiz recently, but it’s worth taking if you haven’t yet … especially on Pumpkin Day. I think many people think of a pumpkin spice latte when we talk about pumpkins these days. Is that a good thing or bad thing? I think most people would say it’s at least a delicious thing!

What’s Your Pumpkin Face? – If you were a pumpkin, what would your face look like? Take this quick, classic Blogthings quiz to get into the Halloween spirit.

What Pumpkin Treat Are You? – I suppose I already celebrated Pumpkin Day today because I had a pumpkin muffin as a mid morning snack. I am one of those people who loves pumpkin treats year round, but of course, I always get an extra excuse to indulge in the fall. Do you also love pumpkin treats? Then you’ve definitely got to take this quiz!

What Color Pumpkin Are You? – Of course, orange pumpkins are everywhere this time of year, but I love pumpkins of all colors. They aren’t the easiest to find, but I think fall should be about celebrating all the gorgeous hues… not just orange! Do you agree? Take this quiz to see what color pumpkin represents you!

What do you think?

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