New Quiz: What Dazed and Confused Character Are You?


Dazed and Confused is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s just so fun and entertaining. I watched this gem from the 90s set in the 70s when I was sick one day many years ago, and it totally lifted my spirits. Now and then, I return to Dazed and Confused whenever I need a pick me up… and it totally works! It’s so fun to see some of my favorite actors, like Parker Posey and Matthew Mcconaughey before they were famous. Not to mention an Austin of many years ago 🙂

When I saw Dazed and Confused pop up on Netflix recently, I thought it would make for a good movie quiz. I love movies with ensemble casts for quizzes, because there is always a diverse cast of characters to choose from, at least personality wise. Take What Dazed and Confused Character Are You?, and let me know what you think!

Are you a fan of Dazed and Confused? If not, let me know what other high school movie you enjoy watching. It could be my next quiz!

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