New Quiz: What Make of Car Are You?

Are you fun and free spirited like a Volkswagen?

Something you may not know about me is that I have a lot of saved quiz ideas in my files. How many? I’m embarrassed to say it’s almost two thousand at this point! Lately, I have been trying to go through and write some of the quizzes that I jotted down ideas for years ago… and this car one was the oldest.

It’s hard for me to believe that until now Blogthings hasn’t had the most basic of car quizzes. I realized that I better write one soon before generic self-driving car drones take over our highways 😉 I had a lot of fun writing this long overdue car quiz, and I hope you enjoy taking it: What Make of Car Are You?

I will be the first to admit that the outcomes are somewhat limited, only because there are so many makes of car these days. To include them all would have taken forever… both to write and to take the quiz! I tended to stick to iconic and luxury brands for this quiz just because they are cool outcomes to get, and the cars seem to be more differentiated. I hope you get a car you could imagine owning, even if it’s not the car you drive.

Take What Make of Car Are You?, and let me know what you think. Also let me know what your dream car would be 🙂

2 replies on “New Quiz: What Make of Car Are You?”

Out of the 3 results I got this one describes me best, at least compared to the other 5.

You Are an Audi

You are incredibly classy and discriminating in your taste. However, you are never a snob – you keep things low key.
You are conscientious and hard working. You are generally not one to splurge unless it will make your life better, and you never show off your success intentionally.

You are a bit of an introvert and a total brain. You spend as much time as you can reading, researching, and learning about the world.
You are a natural leader, and you take every decision seriously. You can be confident and relaxed, because you trust yourself to do the right thing.

What do you think?

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