New Quiz: What Bold Color Are You?

woman surfing
What Bold Color Are You?

Do you love bold colors? I do! When I need a pick me up or a boost of confidence, I always turn toward bold colors. In particular, I like the bold colors that are more deep and saturated, as opposed to being simply bright.

When I was thinking about those saturated, bold colors that inspire me most, they all come from nature. There’s nothing better than a deep ocean blue or a bright fire red, as far as I’m concerned. Needless to say, these gorgeous natural colors were the basis of my latest quiz: What Bold Color Are You?

If you enjoy nature or simply appreciate bold colors, than this quiz is for you! This quiz stays true to the color archetypes we all know and love, but the more natural bend may give you a bit of new insight. While writing this quiz, I really became aware of all the ways people can be bold, and I hope it helps you discover your inner boldness!