How Do You Forgive?


Are you a forgiving person? I think forgiveness is difficult for all of us, myself included. (Myself especially!) Lately, I’ve been doing some research on what exactly it takes to forgive, and I think it’s pretty interesting stuff. We all reach forgiveness in our own ways, and it turns out that forgiveness is better for us than the person we are forgiving.

After thinking it over, I’ve come to see forgiveness as a way we all gain wisdom and maturity. It is never easy to forgive, and in some cases, it can take years. However, the path to forgiveness is a rich one, and I believe we are all better off for journeying down it. It’s not about who or what we are forgiving – it’s about coming to terms with what happened and moving on. And realizing all that helped me write my latest quiz.

Instead of being preachy about the benefits of forgiveness, I decided to write a quiz to unearth how each of us is already forgiving. Hopefully this quiz will show you the strength of your own forgiveness and encourage you to harness it in the future. I know it did for me. I found this to be a really rewarding quiz to write, and hopefully you find it rewarding to take: How Do You Forgive?

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