What’s Your Ice Cream Personality?


Do you like ice cream? Of course I do, and I find myself gravitating towards this cool treat as the weather gets warmer. In fact, I was just thinking this morning, “Is there anyway to have ice cream for breakfast semi-responsibly?” Then it hit me… ice cream on waffles! I wish I had thought of that earlier…

I am sort of picky when it comes to ice cream, and that was my inspiration for this quiz. There are some types of ice cream I love – rich, lightly flavored, not too plain, not too icy. I don’t know if you can put me down for a particular flavor profile, but if you could it would have to be chocolate. And I never say no to a little whipped cream on top πŸ™‚

There are a lot of ice cream personality quizzes on Blogthings, so I decided to make this one a little more philosophical. Flavors are great when it comes to ice cream and personality, but I don’t think that they tell the whole story. At your core, what kind of ice cream do you really like? After all, different ice cream flavors and toppings may come and go, but our ice cream personalities remain. Take the quiz to see what you get: What’s Your Ice Cream Personality?

Share your quiz results on Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr – and I’ll check them out. I love seeing what y’all get on my quizzes πŸ™‚

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