What Kind of Bohemian Are You?

Do you feel like you deviate from the mainstream? I have a feeling that most of us quiz takers (and makers) feel that we do. Anyone introspective enough to take quizzes and think about psychology is at least a little bohemian.

Today’s quiz explores how you are the most bohemian. Where do you differ the most? Take it to find out:

What Kind of Bohemian Are You?

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You Are Modern Bohemian

You are very bohemian in your approach to life, but you tend to put a 21st century spin on what it means to be counterculture.
It’s likely that you have rejected a lot of the traps that most modern folks have fallen into – like rampant consumerism and working hard to pay for it.

Instead, you embrace your own form of minimalism and alternative living. You work to live but never live to work.
You’ve got your own little niche going on in life, and you’re very content with it. You may not label it bohemian, and in fact, you probably don’t want to label it at all!

And quite a bit of Intellectual and some Hippie. I hate hypocritical elitist hippies and intellectuals that shove their beliefs down peoples throats but refuse to listen to and consider other points of view.

What do you think?

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