What Germanic Language Should You Learn?

What Germanic language should you be speaking? Take this informative personality quiz to find out.

Do you speak any Germanic languages? Trick question! If you can read this, that means you speak the most widely spoken Germanic language: English. I know, that one wasn’t really fair. When we think of Germanic languages, we think of German and languages that sound like German. There are actually a ton of Germanic languages, many more than I even realized. English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish are all commonly known Germanic languages. But did you know that Afrikaans, Yiddish, Luxembourgish, and Icelandic are Germanic languages too?

I grew up in a household that spoke a few Germanic languages from time to time (English of course, but also Norwegian, German, and Swedish). Even though I have been exposed to Germanic languages a lot, I find them difficult to learn compared to Romance languages like French and Spanish. I keep trying!

I think Germanic languages are so interesting because of the cultures they open one up to. Whether it’s Norwegian crime literature, German film, or South African history, there’s so much to explore in this realm. Not to mention original Dutch recipes for pancakes. Gotta have those! Of course translations abound for so many things in this world that some people may say learning a language is a waste of time. I totally agree! I think you need to at least understand a little of a culture’s language to understand that culture.

To help me and anyone else interested in Germanic languages, I wrote a new quiz: What Germanic Language Should You Learn? Let me know what you think of your result πŸ™‚ Is there a particular Germanic language you speak aside from English? (Though English totally counts if it’s not your native tongue.) What Germanic language would you like to learn? Comment below and let me know.

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I like it! You know, I resisted writing this quiz for a long time because I thought the results would just be very similar (like Swedish vs Danish or something). I was thrilled to discover Old English and Gothic as Germanic languages πŸ™‚

You Should Learn Gothic

You are not necessarily a goth, but you are drawn to the more mysterious side of life, especially if ancient texts are involved.
You are the type of person who likes to delve deep into history and research. An extinct, little known language appeals to you, just for the discovery factor alone.

You may not be able to speak Gothic with anyone, and you’re okay with that. You’re more excited by the possibility of helping reconstruct this very old language.
You are always eager to learn more about the context of the world, and for you, this means going way back in time.

And some Old English and some Afrikaans. And I actually am interested in the gothic subculture.

What do you think?

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