What Beach Boys Song Are You?

Is it almost beach weather in your part of the world? It is here in Austin, and while I’m not sure if I can get away from the beach this year, I’m still dreaming about it. One of my favorite things to do in warm weather is to listen to beachy anthems – and no one does them better than the Beach Boys 🙂 Take my latest quiz to see which Beach Boys song best fits you!

What Beach Boys Song Are You?

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You Are “In My Room”

You are introverted and thoughtful. You don’t feel fully like yourself unless you’re alone.
You love to spend time thinking and solving the world’s problems. Your worries disappear when you can work them out in your mind.

You have a lot of secret hopes and fears that you don’t tell most people about. You like to have special things that are just yours.
You are a big daydreamer, and you know how to go to your happy place. You can find contentment in solitude.

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