How 90s Are You?

If you were here last week for Throwback Thursday, I had a quiz to see how 80s we all were! Well, by popular request, it’s 90s week – a time we all probably remember a bit more 🙂 Let me know what you get on this quiz and what you thought of it. I tried to keep it to the mid 90s, but I sneaked a little early and late 90s in there too.

How 90s Are You?

4 replies on “How 90s Are You?”

You Are 36% 90s!

You have some deep love for the 90s, and you’ve been known to dabble in some 90s nostalgia from time to time.
While you’re happy to have modern technology (and internet speeds), you wouldn’t mind traveling back to the 90s for a day or two!

What do you think?

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