Are You Progressive, Conservative, or Libertarian?

Do you feel like most political quizzes get you wrong? One funny fact about Blogthings is that political quizzes are some of my most popular quizzes… but they are also the ones people say I get wrong the most šŸ™‚ Politics are so hard to define when you consider regional differences and our own meanings we attach to words. For example, someone we may consider ultra-liberal in America may just be a little to the left in Europe.

With the dawning of the 2016 presidential race, I’m inspired to write a few more political quizzes for the site. Today I decided to tackle the old conservative – liberal quiz with a more modern spin and a libertarian axis. A lot of people have been asking for a quiz like this, and I’m happy to write one. I hope you find it accurate šŸ™‚ Writing this made me realize there are many types of libertarians, conservatives, and progressives… And it’s hard to pin it down to just three outcomes. Let me know what you think!

Are You Progressive, Conservative, or Libertarian?

4 replies on “Are You Progressive, Conservative, or Libertarian?”

Some Libertarian and some Conservative.

The descriptions of economic conservative, classical liberal, and constitutionalist all fit me (maybe they among others can be in another quiz). I was called liberal by 1 person for something I said about Christians and atheists.

What do you think?

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