How 80s Are You? Take These 9 80s Quizzes to Find Out!

Happy Throwback Thursday! I thought that I’d celebrate this day dedicated to all things retro with a new quiz: How 80s Are You? I often joke with Mr. Blogthings that I still live like it’s the 80s (besides writing quizzes on the internet, haha). I decided to put myself to the test with this latest quiz, and I figured everyone else might want to join me 🙂

I’ve also included a ton of past 80s quizzes, just in case you’re in a real throwback mood!

How 80s Are You? – Are you a true child or teen of the 80s? This quiz will tell you if you really grew up in the 80s or just like to pretend that you did. Only true children of the 80s will get a high score.

What’s Your 80s Name? – Have you ever wanted a very 80s name like Tiffany? My name is kind of 80s, but even I could do better. Take this quiz to get your very own super 80s name.

How Much Do You Know About 80s Music? – Are you a big fan of 80s music? I definitely am, especially when I’m just looking to chill and relax. Take this quiz to see how your 80s music knowledge stacks up.

Who’s Your 80s Hunk? – Did you have a crush on any hunks in the 80s? I think many of us did! It was the era of tear out posters in magazines, and they always included a few heartthrobs of the day in each issue. Take this quiz to see who your 80s hunk should be!

What’s Your 80s Karaoke Song? – Do you ever pick an 80s song as your karaoke song? In my experience 80s songs are the most fun to sing ever and big crowd pleasers. Take this quiz to find out what your 80s karaoke song should be.

Are You the 70s, 80s, or 90s? – Sure the 80s were totally radical, but the 70s and 90s were cool in their own ways too. (Though I have to admit that I am totally partial to the 80s.) Take this personality quiz to find out if you’re more like the 70s, 80s, or 90s!

Are You a Child of an 80s? – You may be the world’s biggest 80s fan, but did you actually grow up in the 80s? Take this quiz to find out if you really grew up in the 80s… or if you just seem that way!

What’s Your 80s Dance Song? – Ain’t no party like an 80s dance party! Some of my favorite dance songs come from the 80s, and that inspired me to write this quiz. Find out which 80s dance hit you should be doing the robot to.

What’s Your 80s High School Stereotype? – Whether we lived through high school in the 80s or simply just learned about it from movies, we’re all pretty familiar with 80s high school stereotypes. Take this quiz to see which one best fits you.

3 replies on “How 80s Are You? Take These 9 80s Quizzes to Find Out!”

You Are 40% 80s!
Your 80s Name Is Stephen Timothy
I know next to nothing about music from the 80’s
Degrees of Like a Virgin and Time After Time
You Are the 90s
You Are 28% A Child of the 80s
You Are ‘She Blinded Me With Science’
Basketcase, some Brain, and some Criminal

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