What’s Your Swimsuit Style?

It’s swimsuit season again in my neck of the woods, and soon enough, many other areas will be joining us! I thought it would be fun to think about swimsuit fashions in a more general way, so I wrote a new quiz: What’s Your Swimsuit Style?. This quiz won’t tell you exactly what kind of swimsuit you should wear, but hopefully it will point you in the right direction style wise.

I’ve also included a few of my classic swimsuit quizzes, so you can have all sorts of fun dreaming of the beach! Surf’s up 🙂

What’s Your Swimsuit Style?

What Kind of Swimsuit Are You?

What Color Swimsuit Should You Wear?

What Color Bikini Should You Wear?

What Kind of Bikini Are You?

2 replies on “What’s Your Swimsuit Style?”

I got Vintage, and at least part of that description is quite accurate. I just don’t think I look good in a swimsuit! (In RL, my style of swimsuit is one that covers as much as possible–I burn sooooo fast!–and stays firmly in place when I swim!)

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