What Shape Diamond Are You?

Do you love diamonds? I do in theory, although they may be a bit too fancy for my taste. Still, a girl can dream – and today’s quiz is inspired by dreaming about that perfect diamond. Do you have a diamond shape that suits you best?What Shape Diamond Are You? will point you in the right direction.

I’ve also included my classic quiz, What’s Your Dream Engagement Ring? This quiz is similar to the diamond shape one, but it’s quite a bit more girly 🙂 See which one you like best… and if you get the same result on both!

What Shape Diamond Are You?


What’s Your Dream Engagement Ring?

2 replies on “What Shape Diamond Are You?”

You Are an Oval Diamond

You are a highly individualistic person, and you take a lot of joy from doing things your own way in life.
You are also very creative, but you aren’t exactly zany about it. You bring out undiscovered beauty.

You are very organized and can even be a bit of a minimalist. You think the most beautiful things in life speak for themselves, quietly and simply.
You love to take chances and never really like to follow the crowd. You’re one of the few that understands that the crowd doesn’t really know where it’s going!

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