What’s Your Ideal Social Scene?


Do you like to socialize? I think we all do to one extent or another, but it’s about finding the right social scene. I’m enough of an introvert that I can get easily overwhelmed by the wrong social scene. I’m pretty sure that most people would find my favorite social scenes a bit too boring! Anyway, I thought this would be an interesting quiz topic 🙂

What’s Your Ideal Social Scene? Take my latest quiz to find out. Let me know what you get one this one and if you think it’s true. What is your favorite type of social gathering?

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7 replies on “What’s Your Ideal Social Scene?”

Active. Umm. Well it’s not like I go out river rafting or anything. Lol. I like my lively family gatherings with games and laughs and food and drinks. I enjoy conversations at parties that are not family and I like when we join friends for live music, drinks, karaoke….

Calm and some Whatever. I like social gatherings on Birthdays and the 4th of July. And also Christmas for opening presents and Easter for looking for eggs. As for Halloween it’s been a while.

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