What’s Your Egyptian Name?

beautiful woman in egypt

Have you ever been fascinated with Egyptian culture? I was a bit fixated on it when I was a kid, and I’m still a bit interested in ancient Egyptian things. When I was growing up in the 80s, it seemed like Egyptian culture was everywhere – from movies to museum exhibits to songs (anyone remember “Walk Like an Egyptian?”). And I guess it’s even making a comeback now thanks to Katy Perry music videos 🙂

I remember becoming acquainted with Egyptian civilization during school field trips, and it always seemed so amazing to me. From beautiful art to hieroglyphics to mummies (I’ll pass on that part personally), it’s amazing how advanced and fascinating this ancient culture was. I also think that ancient Egypt had a good bit of glamour and mystery, which is probably why we’re still fascinated with it to this day.

I have never been to Egypt, and of course, visiting there these days would not exactly be the same as going back in time to ancient Egypt. I did get the chance to visit an Egyptian restaurant once though, and that’s possibly good enough for me. Food is my favorite part of travel anyway! Since I won’t be going to Egypt anytime soon, I thought I would celebrate my interest in ancient Egypt with a quiz. Thanks to the many folks who have suggested an Egyptian name quiz over the years. I finally found images I liked well enough to do one!

If you lived in Egypt, what would your name be? Take this name quiz to find out: What’s Your Egyptian Name? Let me know what name you get, and if you like it. Does it suit you?

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