What’s Your Winter Scent?

bowl of cranberries

How has the winter been treating you so far? Even though I know many people have it worse than I do weather wise (or better, depending on your perspective), this winter seems so long to me already. We have sure been giving our space heater a workout on these chilly mornings, and it seems like it will be at least a few days before it’s a little more comfortable out.

There are a lot of ways I try to make the winter more bearable for myself – yoga when it’s too cold to go outside, knitting for when I’m bored and restless, and my favorite bath and beauty products for when my body needs a little pick me up. Thinking about the last thing on my list reminded me of how much I love winter scents. There is something so comforting and cozy about the best smells of winter. Because this time of year is a little less blooming than usual, I really savor and appreciate the few seasonal scents that we do have.

Thinking about winter scents inspired me to write a new quiz about them. I think some winter scents can be playful (like peppermint) or very grounding (like pine). They all have their time and place, but like most of you, there are a couple that I connect to more than the others. I tend to like scents that are spicy and strong in the winter. I find them warming 🙂

What about you? What winter scent do you prefer? Take my latest quiz to find out: What’s Your Winter Scent? Let me know what you get on this one and how true it is for you.

Discussion question: What are some of your personal favorite scents in the winter?

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5 replies on “What’s Your Winter Scent?”

I was thinking it would be cinnamon. Or hoping for cinnamon. It’s a favorite of mine winter or not. But I got Honey (which I also love) and see that cinnamon wasn’t on the list. So, Honey and Cinnamon. That’s me. 🙂 I also enjoy cedar.

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