What Pizza Topping Are You?

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Happy Pizza Week! Did you know that this was pizza week? I had no idea when I posted a picture of pizza on yesterday’s blog post. It turns out that I’ve been in the pizza spirit more than I thought this week! Mr. Blogthings and I actually went out for pizza for our Sunday night date (while watching the Cowboys game – very American.) Then we stocked up on our favorite frozen pizza (Amy’s Cheese Pizza), so pizza week is off to a good start. I’m pretty sure that I can sneak in a couple slices before the week ends!

Do you like pizza? I love pizza a lot. I know it’s not the healthiest, but I always make room for it in my diet. It’s also why I could never be on a super restricted diet. I have to have my pizza – gluten, dairy, and all. As far as toppings go, I’ve become pickier over the years. I am always happy to have a plain cheese pizza, and I like one or two toppings on occasion… but nothing weighing down the pizza or making it too watery. Sometimes the best toppings are something simple and flavorful, like a really high quality meat, sun-dried tomatoes, or fancy olives. In the summer, I just cut up some fresh basil from my garden to put on pizza, and that’s the best!

There is a lot of fun “common wisdom” about what pizza toppings say about your personality, and some of it is actually serious academic research. (Seriously, who gets grants for this stuff? Can it be me?) People who like eggplant are charming and self-absorbed – according to research, that is. I happen to like eggplant, and I hope that’s not true about me. Research says that people who like seafood on their pizza are principled and intelligent. As much as I want to be smart and wise, I don’t think there will be seafood on my pizza anytime soon… unless it’s smoked salmon.

Do you want to know what pizza topping you are? Take my quiz: What Pizza Topping Are You? Let me know what you get for an outcome!

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