What Bird Are You?

beautiful eagle

Happy Monday! And happy National Bird Day. Did you know there was such a thing? I recently learned that January 5th is a day all for celebrating birds, which I think is pretty cool. I was not that into birds until I first came to Austin in the winter – a January weekend many years ago. When Mr. Blogthings and I went out for our first dinner, I could hear so many birds nearby and couldn’t believe it. It made Austin feel like such a welcoming place coming from the dead of winter 🙂

Over the past few years, I have become an amateur bird watcher. I see so many birds in my little backyard, and it’s fun to just chill out and watch them do their thing. I’m not professional enough to identify many bird types (I think I have bluebird and cardinal down though!), but maybe I’ll get into that over time.

I think that no matter how much we like or ignore birds, there is probably at least one bird that we identify with. Some of us feel brave and independent like eagles. Others feel graceful and peaceful like swans. It’s hard for me to think about birds without thinking about personality types. Of course, they come up quite a bit as power or spirit animals… but I think that we relate to birds on a more base level.

Celebrate National Bird Day by taking my quiz: What Bird Are You? You’ll find out what popular bird you’re most like, and what that bird says about your personality. Are you a crow, hawk, eagle, swan, or songbird? Take What Bird Are You? to find out. Let me know what you get on this quiz and what you think of your result!

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2 replies on “What Bird Are You?”

You Are a Crow

You are highly intelligent and have a lot of mental strength.
You value self-reliance, and you work hard every day to improve your life.

You believe that life is magical, and you are always looking for new and exciting opportunities.
You follow your own path, and the turns you take are often unexpected and inspired.

Partly me and partly my ideal self.

What do you think?

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