What Should You Resolve to Change Next Year?

happy new year

Happy New Year! Is everyone ready for 2015? I know I am. I am not always big on resolutions because I’ve found that they are difficult to keep (more on that tomorrow). However, I always do like to look at this as a time to assess how life is going, set a new direction, and maybe even set a few attainable goals. I have don’t know if I really have any resolutions this year, but I do have a couple modest fitness and financial goals laid out 🙂

What about you? Are you looking to make a change this year even if it’s not strictly a resolution? Although it can feel a bit cheesy, I think this is a great time of year to make a change. The number of people alone trying to improve their lives is inspiring, and there are usually some great tips being published for reaching our New Year’s goals!

If you are stuck on your resolutions, I have a great quiz that can help you figure out what you maybe should work on this year… even if you don’t feel like it. I think it’s a pretty good objective tool for figuring out what your resolution priorities are, and I even like to use it every year to see where I stand.

If you’re looking for a resolution or an idea or two for change in 2015, check out What Should You Resolve to Change Next Year? I am going to break tradition an not ask you to share your result with me unless you feel like it, because this is a pretty personal quiz. Instead, I’m curious to hear your feedback on how useful the quiz was for you. Did it give you any good ideas?

Discussion questions: What are some serious things you’re hoping to accomplish this new year? What are some fun things you would also like to get done as well?

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You Should Make 5 Resolutions

Get Fit
Eat Right
Get a Better Education
Take a Trip
Spend More Time With Family and Friends

I intend to sponsor a child whenever I can, I also intend to take on wbc (with some help) and help the children under their influence any way I can. I have my eye on a few horror games (Huntsman: The Orphanage The Slenderman Stories: The Orphanage and Fran Bow) and 1 (Train of Afterlife) I don’t know the genre of (all of them play only on the computer).

What do you think?

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