What Should You Toast To?

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Do you like to give toasts? I love the idea of toasts, but I’m a little terrified of giving them. I think toasts are a great way to start a night, affirm friendship, and celebrate a special event. I’m always happy to participate in a toast, but I freeze up a little when I have to give one. I usually keep it short and simple… the Scandinavian toast Skål is fun and festive, so I usually stick to that.

I have a friend who gives amazing toasts. They aren’t long winded and boring, but they’re not too short and sweet either. There may be a quick sentiment or story, but we get to the toasting quickly – and we all feel a bit better for it. I think a good toast makes everyone feel engaged, happy, and ready to get to celebrating.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect evening for toasting – whether it’s with champagne at a party or with hot chocolate on the couch. While my latest quiz can’t turn anyone into an expert toaster (including me!), it will tell you what you should toast to. And at least that’s a start 🙂

Want to know what you should toast to for the new year? Take my latest quiz: What Should You Toast To? Even if you aren’t planning on doing a toast tonight, this can be a great quiz for setting an intention for the new year. Let me know what you get on this quiz. What do you think of your result?

Discussion questions: Have you ever given a toast? What is your favorite beverage to toast with? What is your theme or intention for the new year?

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4 replies on “What Should You Toast To?”

You Should Toast to a New Start (the Prosperity result kinda fits me too)

You aren’t completely unsatisfied with your life, but you’re also ready to make some big changes.
More than anything else, you’d like to wipe the slate clean, be open to new things, and see what happens!

You think it’s good to switch things up a bit every so often. You believe that anyone can get in a rut.
When you toast to a new start, you mean it in a lot of ways. It could be anything from a life overhaul to a new calendar year.

No. Never thought about it or tried it. To have a wiser, cleaner, and more wholesome mindset and to be more motivated.

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