Are You A Lover or A Fighter?

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Happy Boxing Day! I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but for a few years, I thought this day was all about boxing 🙂 Which wouldn’t be so bad in my opinion, as long as people boxed with big blow up gloves or something. Actual boxing is a little too violent for my taste these days.

Anyway, I did some research on the Boxing Day at one point, and it turns out that it is a pretty interesting holiday historically speaking. It started as a holiday in the Commonwealth when bosses would give their employees a “Christmas box” of gifts. So no actual boxing took place (hopefully). Some European countries know the 26th as Second Christmas Day, which makes a bit more sense to my American ears.

In most countries that celebrate Boxing Day, it’s a secular holiday at this point – kind of like Black Friday in the US with stores opening early. However, it’s also the Christian holiday St. Stephen’s Day, so some stores stay closed in observation of that. I’ve noticed a few stores in America trying to hold Boxing Day sales, but I’m not sure anyone knows what they are. In Japan, I noticed that stores sell big discounted mystery boxes of goods on Boxing Day, which seems like a fun way to celebrate 🙂

I don’t have a Boxing Day specific quiz for you today, but maybe I will have one in subsequent years. Instead, I am celebrating my original misconception of Boxing Day with a fighting themed quiz. After spending some time with family for the holidays, we probably have a good idea of whether we’re the fighting type or not 🙂 Take this quiz to know for sure: Are You a Lover or a Fighter?

Discussion question: Do you tend to fight for what you believe in? Or do you find other methods of solving conflict?

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4 replies on “Are You A Lover or A Fighter?”

My result was Lover. But I do fight when I think something is sooo wrong. I am always contacting my Representative or Senator in Congress. They are starting to dread hearing from me. LOL

Actually I think I’m half and half. Either that or it depends on the situation and person.

I fight for what I believe in, unless I’m proven wrong (though in my teen years there were a couple things I believed and argued for only to find out years later I was wrong).

I like your comments here. It’s good to strike a balance for sure – I am probably too much of a fighter, but I also feel like I have to stand up for what’s right sometimes 🙂

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