What Holiday Tradition Are You?

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Depending on how you celebrate, the holidays are either in full swing for you or are just about to happen. I am gearing up for my holiday celebrations, and I can’t wait for Christmas morning to open all my presents. Now, of course I don’t get as many presents as I did when I was a kid, but I still enjoy the tradition of having them under the tree and opening them on Christmas morning.

Speaking of holiday traditions, I must say that I really love them. I went through a period in my life (teens and early 20s) when I was pretty bah humbug about the holidays. These days, I am able to enjoy the small things more, and that includes holiday traditions, even if they are a bit goofy or hokey. For example, I enjoy watching holiday movies much more than I did when I was younger, even watching the same ones year after year. I also like hanging up my stocking every year, even if I am filling it myself. And of course, I love the tradition of baking cookies.

I think holiday traditions are important to me because they connect me to the past and warm and fuzzy emotions. Whenever I watch a holiday movie I’ve seen before, I have sweet memories of the other times I’ve watched it. And when I do a little baking, it takes me back to my mom and grandma baking up a storm in the little Colorado house and kitchen I grew up with.

Do you like holiday traditions? Take my latest quiz to see which holiday tradition best suits you:Β What Holiday Tradition Are You?Β Let me know what your result is and what you think of it πŸ™‚

Discussion question: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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6 replies on “What Holiday Tradition Are You?”

Result is Secret Santa. I like all our traditions but we don’t always do them all. The one thing that is pretty much guaranteed is that family will get together and eat and play a gift game. That’s the best part anyway. My family always has a lot of laughs.

None describe me completely (Staying up late for Santa and Gingerbread House come the closest).

Checking out Christmas lights and opening presents along with family members on Christmas Eve.

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